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Straight White Boy Problem #380


*showing my tumblr to my friend* dude look at all these posts tumblr is so cool it’s hilarious - ok that’s porn stop scrolling through porn get off my computer


His blush!



This kid here is Julian, he’s 2 years old now. He was tragically injured in a car accident at 6 months old, thanks to a drunk driver asshole. He’s been in a wheelchair ever since. The doctors he goes to now say they don’t have enough experience dealing with those injuries on such a young person. Shriner’s in Chicago offered a free evaluation, they just need to get and stay there which unfortunately costs a lot of money anyway. So there’s this fund going and even if you can’t donate yourself please just signal boost this and maybe it reaches people who can.  

(I’m trying not to be mad as fuck but seeing funds for shit like racist cops and potato salad reaching thousands and this fund going so slow is making it really hard not to get absolutely livid and throw stuff around.)

Guys, signal boost the fuck out of this. This kid has a shot at free treatment, and they just need to money to get to the Shriners hospital. 

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