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Welcome to this perpetually erratic blog, run by a self proclaimed tsundere. Ask box is always open, don't be afraid to talk to me; I don't bite. If you read my tags, you'll get to know me better. I'll be setting up a queue later on since I'm busy rn & until forever thanks to guard. Warning, spoilers lie ahead. I tend to spam with the things listed below:

Current Obsessions:MekakuCity Actors ; Hamatora ; Teen Wolf : Dylan O'Brien & Tyler Posey ; Mawaru Penguindrum ; Psycho Pass ; Fairy Tail : Natsu Dragneel ; Durarara!! : Celty Sturluson ; Monogatari ; Princess Jellyfish ; & Kyoukai no Kanata

Currently Watching : Psycho Pass Re : Start ; Teen Wolf ; Haikyuu!! ; Sherlock ; Rave Master ; One Piece ; Tokyo Ghoul ; Free! ; Re:␣Hamatora ; Zankyou no Terror ; Night Vale ; Kuroshitsuji : Book of Circus ; Barakamon

Currently Reading : Taiyou no Ie ; Kanishikan Kougami Shinya ; Horimiya ; Fairy Tail

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